WordPress Backup to Dropbox Bug with WordPress 3.9

I’m posting this message in case others who have the problem are looking for a solution.

I updated the software I use to run this weblog to WordPress 3.9 the other day and immediately started having a problem where the dashboard on the left hand column would disappear. The bookmark I have saved for the weblog displays draft posts, if any. What I found was that anytime I’d navigate to any of the post features, the dashboard would go blank after a second or two. If I could manage to click another, non-post link quickly enough, the dashboard would remain displayed.

Investigation into this behavior led me to disable my WordPress plugins then reactivate them one at a time to see if the problem returned. With all of the plugins disabled, the dashboard did not go missing. With one plugin reactivated, the problem recurred.

It appears that the plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox v1.8.1 is not fully compatible with WordPress v3.9. I sent a message to the developer yesterday letting him know of this, but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll update this post when the problem is fixed.


If this works, you ought to see a game below.  Use your arrow keys to move tiles with the same number so they touch and merge together.  Keep doing this until you get to 2048.



Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

New Game

How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one!

Captain Picard Singing Let It Snow

James Covenant has a wonderful mashup of Captain Picard and senior members of his crew “singing” Let It Snow.  Very well done.

Death of a Comet

Comet ISON passed by the Sun on Thanksgiving Day last week and didn’t survive in any form that we’ll be able to see.  NASA has posted a video of the view from a satellite positioned on the other side of the sun showing the comet blasting into a solar flare and basically disintegrating.

Very cool.

The Wait is Over

No, I don’t mean to imply that I’m starting to post frequently here again.  Not that I’d assume anyone has been waiting for me to do so, mind you.

The Wait is Over is a new album by bluegrass band Jett’s Creek that was just released on Mountain Fever Records.  To celebrate their new release, the band is offering the entire album as a free download through October 22.

That’s pretty cool.  I just downloaded the album and will likely listen to it in the morning when I’m out walking.  An earlier album of theirs, Guilty, is available on Spotify if you’re a subscriber there.

Thanks to the Jett’s Creek and to Mountain Fever Records for making this available.  Thanks also to Bluegrass Today for pointing out the release.


Best Free Games for the PC

Tech Support Alert has an extensive and recently updated list of the best free games for the PC.  If you’re into PC gaming, it is worth checking out.


Well done, Audi.  They’ve created an extended commercial for their A7 automobile on YouTube featuring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, both of whom have played or are currently playing Spock on Star Trek.  It plays off of the character in a very funny way.

Synchronizing e-Sword Across Multiple Computers Using Dropbox – Revisited

Some time ago, I wrote about synchronizing e-Sword resources across multiple computers using Dropbox based on a change implemented with version 9 of e-Sword.  Based on a comment that was made on that post today, I’ve updated the information and wanted to refresh the post.

e-Sword now lets you open most resources in a file location other than the e-Sword program file, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword.  This allows you to synchronize those e-Sword resources across multiple computers using Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, or another similar service.  This is really slick.

I had been using this feature to synchronize downloaded resources, like commentaries, Bibles, and topic files.  But it works just as well for your personal study information, like verse markups, study notes, journal notes, and topic notes.  Setup is just a bit different for those resources.

To set e-Sword up to look for Bibles, commentaries, and the like from a Dropbox file directory, first create the directory in your Dropbox folder.  Move the Bible (*.bblx), commentary (*.cmtx), dictionary (*.dctx), devotion (*.devx), and topic (*.topx) files to that directory and let Dropbox synchronize them.

Open e-Sword, click Options – Resource, click the little file folder icon in the lower right corner and select the e-Sword folder you created above.  Restart e-Sword and you ought to be set.

I had written about this much in my original post.  What I didn’t adequately cover in that article is how to reset e-Sword to write your personal study information to that folder.  I strongly suggest backing up your files before you do this, but a strong backup strategy ought to be part of your computing experience already!

To do this, you’ll first need to create new journal notes, markup, study notes, and topic notes files in your Dropbox folder.  Do this from the computer where you have your personal information saved.  This will create blank files in those locations. You can then exit e-Sword and copy files from your My Documents/e-Sword folder to your Dropbox folder, overwriting the blank files you just created. When you next open e-Sword, your notes ought to be there.

On your other computers, you need to tell e-Sword to open the new file. For markup, this is under Bible – Markup File – Open. For journal, study, and topic notes, you need to press CTRL and right click in the respective window and select Open.

I don’t know whether this can synchronize with the new e-Sword iPad app.  It would be useful if that app used the same files as the PC version, but I just don’t know if that’s the case.  If someone wants to buy me an iPad, I’d be more than willing to figure it out and write about it!  :-)

I hope this helps you.  It is certainly a useful feature for me.

Bad Links

Somewhere along the line, many of the internal links on the annual Bible reading plan and 30-day New Testament Bible reading plan websites here were changed and broken.  They were changed from absolute to relative references and the middle part of the path – to the specific weblog – was dropped.  I don’t know how or when this happened.  It wasn’t something I changed intentionally.

I believe I’ve corrected them in the archives of both weblogs and have them set so they should be correct in future posts.  If you find a bad link, please let me know.

Thanks.  Gary


Bad Design – Or Part of Why I’ll Never Buy Another Chrysler Vehicle

I had mentioned sometime back my decision (at the time) to not buy a Chrysler vehicle when we last bought a new car.  Nothing has happened in the last three and a half years has changed my mind.  Our Town and Country van continues to have occasional problems, with hints of second-time failures, where something that was fixed under warranty is acting like it might want to fail again – out of warranty of course.

I also had the occasion to drive a brand new 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan minivan to Chicago and back last week.  Its design has been updated quit a bit since the 2006 van we bought, which makes perfect sense, but there are serious design problems with this van.  So much so that I’m now in the camp of never planning to buy another Chrysler product.

The very first two things I tried to do with this van were to fold down the seats to open up cargo space and open up the side doors.  Our van has Stow and Go seating, which was a great feature Chrysler added several years back.  The middle and rear seats are Stow and Go seats that fold down into the floor.  It was the killer feature that, along with a good history with Dodge vans, led us to buy the van we have now.

Our current van has a three step process to fold down the rear bench seats.  There are three loops that are numbered and you pull each in succession.  The 2012 van has four.  I pulled and pulled on the first one and couldn’t get it to budge no matter what I did or how hard I pulled.  It just wouldn’t move at all.  On a whim, I pulled on the second tab and it folded down the seat back, same as the number one tab on our current van does.  I have no idea what the number one tab on the 2012 van does, but it certainly seems superfluous.

The next thing I did should have been drop-dead simple.  I tried to open one of the sliding middle doors.  Our current van has power middle doors that open when you push a button inside the cabin.  The will also actuate if we don’t completely close the door.  Otherwise, the door opens and closes manually.  This is, by the way, the problem that appears to be repeating on our van.  The electrical cables that slide back and forth with the door wore out and failed on one of our doors.  That same door is acting up every now and again in the same way.

Any way, I went to the passenger side door on the 2012 van, grabbed the handle, and pulled on it to open the door.  The door opened about six inches and stuck.  Its actuator tried to start, but wouldn’t.  The door set there, stuck, with the power opener starting and stopping, but not moving the door.  I tried to open and close it manually, but it wouldn’t budge.

After what seemed like a minute or so, the door actuator finally stopped starting and stopping.  I don’t recall if I was then able to close or open it or if pulling on the handle again started the actuator which then opened the door, but I finally got it open.  I figured out that you could just tug on the handle and it would open or close the door.

At least it did so some of the time.  While traveling, maybe half the time I’d tug on the handle when the door was open and it wouldn’t close automatically.  It would move an inch or two and just sit there.  When that happened, I could close it manually.

I have no idea whether the doors are designed to open and close only under power or if they can be opened and closed manually without the power assist.  They functioned so inconsistently that I can’t tell how they are supposed to work.  I only know that they didn’t work the same every time and that’s not good.

I don’t know whether the door function  is a design problem or a manufacturing problem.  I’m pretty sure the rear seat fold down issue is a design problem.  Either way, I think the only thing about Chrysler that has gotten better in the last several years is their advertising.  The vehicles themselves leave a lot to be desired.  And the management of the company has been especially weak, in my opinion.  I have no current plans to buy a new car.  Whenever I do get in the market next, I can’t imagine what would happen for me to even consider buying a Chrysler product again.