Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

Thought on that topic by Bodie Hodge from Answers in Genesis. To clarify some points though, neither we nor other Christians “worship” a pagan holiday or any holiday. We worship God on the day that is set aside as Christmas. We take time to remember (not worship) the birth of Christ on that day. This is important […]

Horrible Website Programming at Sirius/XM

I am a Sirius/XM subscriber and just tried to find a piece of programming information on their website.  Specifically, I was looking for the site for the Bluegrass Junction channel on Sirius/XM.  I knew the Sirius/XM homepage was at and knew that they had channel lineups available on the site.  I figured I could easily […]

Transfer in Process

If you’re reading this post, the name server change for this website has processed enough that you’re able to find it at the new webhost.  I was able to import this blog’s data from the old site.  I still have things to fix, but the bulk of the data is here.  I’ll keep working on […]

Potential Downtime Coming

I am starting the process of changing webhosts for this blog.  I expect the process will happen over the next few days.  Once I switch the domain information, there may be a day or so when the blog isn’t accessible.  Please bear with me through the change.  Thanks, Gary

Changes to the Daily KJV Bible Study by Email Feature

I’ve been publishing a daily Bible study reading following a plan to read through the King James Bible every calendar for the last several years.  All of that time, I’ve used an email distribution list service called Topica to send the daily email messages.  A month ago, Topica announced that they were shutting down their […]

Skype Doesn’t Want to Take My Money

I’m posting this here to capture the details to pass onto Skype. I tried to buy Skype credit today so I can call land line phones from my iPad.  The process of placing an order is straightforward enough, though Skype doesn’t let you use coupon codes to add to your own account, so I’m buying […]

Bad Links

Somewhere along the line, many of the internal links on the annual Bible reading plan and 30-day New Testament Bible reading plan websites here were changed and broken.  They were changed from absolute to relative references and the middle part of the path – to the specific weblog – was dropped.  I don’t know how […]

Bad Design – Or Part of Why I’ll Never Buy Another Chrysler Vehicle

I had mentioned sometime back my decision (at the time) to not buy a Chrysler vehicle when we last bought a new car.  Nothing has happened in the last three and a half years has changed my mind.  Our Town and Country van continues to have occasional problems, with hints of second-time failures, where something that […]


MakeUseOf has today a list of firsts on the Internet.  Including the first… website image posted to the Internet email message YouTube video Tweet Wikipedia article item sold on Amazon item sold on eBay An interesting walk in Internet history.  Go and read.

Neighborhood Rummage Sale

The sub-division where we live is having its annual neighborhood rummage sale on May 4-5.  My wife has set up a web page with information about the sale, here.  She has a map set up with all of the participating families.  And there will be a list of the bigger items for sale available a […]