Neighborhood Rummage Sale

The sub-division where we live is having its annual neighborhood rummage sale on May 4-5.  My wife has set up a web page with information about the sale, here.  She has a map set up with all of the participating families.  And there will be a list of the bigger items for sale available a […]

Excel SUMIFs Formula Problems

I’m trying to set up an Excel spreadsheet with a data set that includes a number with a date/time then to sum the numbers between dates and times I specify.  As an example, this simple table lists home sale prices by the date on which the sale occurred.   In this example, the data table […]

Halftime in America? – Time to Change

Even though the Packers lost earlier in the playoffs (sigh), I still watched the Super Bowl with my son Sunday. It usually is a good football game and I like watching the ads. No surprise there, eh? The game was very good – quite a back and forth battle with coaching strategy, adjustments due to […]

The Obama Economic Record

The Conservative Manifesto (update: looks like the Republican Policy Committee published the data first – use that version, it has links to the data sources) published this telling graphic about how things have changed in the United States since President Obama started his term three years ago.  His record has been abysmal, the graphic just begins […]

Red Rain

My daughter published her first book, Red Rain, today.  It is available now as a Kindle book and on SmashWords.  A paperback version is due soon, after she receives and reviews a second proof copy. Here is how she describes the book: Government regulations said they had no choice. 17-year-old Philadelphia must stay on Earth […]

Video Trailer for Red Rain

My daughter just released a video trailer for her upcoming book, Red Rain.  I think it is very well done and I’m looking forward to the book.  And that’s not just a proud papa talking.  🙂


I’m not sure whether I’ll be keeping it or not, but I’ve created a page on Facebook.  Mostly, I wanted to connect with a few companies and organizations who don’t have weblogs or publish RSS feeds.   I believe I can gather their Facebook posts on my wall – whatever that is – and read […]

Time Lapse Video of the Lunar Eclipse

Someone named William Castleman captured absolutely beautiful video of last night’s full lunar eclipse.  Our weather was overcast with snow last night, so I couldn’t see the eclipse directly.  The reddish-orange color of the moon when it is fully eclipsed is especially beautiful. Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.

For the Man Who Has Everything

You could always buy him an aircraft carrier. The Great Britain defense department has put the HMS Invincible up for sale. It had been decommissioned in 2005. They’re hoping to get £2 million (about $3.1 million) for it.

Live Action Wile E. Coyote vs. Road Runner Short

A company named Apache Pictures created a short live-action film with two men as Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.  Very impressive special effects. You can see it a bit larger here.