Technical Info

How to Cut Your Internet Connection to a Crawl

Our Internet service at home has been absolutely HORRIBLE for the last ten days or so.  I went through several calls to our ISP, a new cable modem, two technicians in the home, the first technician dissing what the support people on the phone had told me for being wildly and uselessly incorrect, a tier […]

Averting Disaster – Or How Good Backups Saved My Bacon

My laptop has been showing signs of problems lately.  I’ve had a few instances over the last couple of months where Windows Vista couldn’t load my profile when I logged in – rebooting always corrected that.  Yesterday, Microsoft Security Essentials hung twice trying to scan the same file.  And the computer seemed to be running […]

Paste Special – Unformatted Text in Outlook 2007

With lots of help from author Sue Mosher, I have finally managed to get a macro working on Outlook 2007 to automate the mouse clicks of Paste – Paste Special – Unformatted Text!  WOO-HOO!!!! Most of what I cut and paste into Outlook email messages is formatted.  Pasting with CTRL-V or by clicking the Paste […]

Outlook 2007 File Attach Macro

My work laptop was recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007.  I’ve been working with Office to get it customized the way I want.  One of the tasks I wanted to automate was attaching a specific file to an email message in Outlook.  I wanted to link the macro to a button so I could skip […]

Updating Gmail Notifier

I use Google’s Gmail service for my personal email.  About a week ago, they added a preference option to force a secure HTTPS connection every time you connect to Gmail.  This is great should you use your laptop on open wifi networks.  But it broke the Gmail Notifier utility that lets you force mailto links […]

Disabling Windows Defender in Vista

As much so I’ll remember as anything, Tech-Recipes has an article on how to disable Windows Defender, which is included in Windows Vista, should you wish to use a third party spyware detector.

AVG Free Updates Require Reboot

I had installed AVG Free Anti-Virus v7.5 a few weeks back on my laptop and it has been giving me fits ever since. Every update that was installed required a reboot of the PC to install. That’s a huge pain in the posterior. What’s more, AVG Free on my desktop didn’t require a reboot. I […]

SharePoint and Internet Explorer Issue

I have a SharePoint site that I run and use at work. SharePoint is a great collaboration tool, particularly for project teams that are scattered around the globe and who aren’t all behind the same corporate firewall. Tuesday was Microsoft patch day. Something that got installed then seems to have messed up my ability to […]

Firefox 2.0 Lockups

I’ve installed Firefox v2.0 on three computers, two at home and my work laptop.  On all three, I’ve had it freeze up for no apparent reason while using it. I’m not the only one who has seen this. For my systems, I think the problem wasn’t Firefox itself but the way that Firefox interacts with […]

Firefox 2.0

According to the Langa Blog, the folks at Mozilla have posted the official v2.0 release file for their Firefox browser online tonight ahead of the official announcement tomorrow.