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Posting to WordPress from a Blackberry

Dave Winer talks about a new utility that lets you post to your WordPress weblog from a Blackberry.  Seems like a cool idea.

WordPress Upgrade

I updated this weblog, the KJV Daily Bible Study weblog, and the NASB Daily Bible Study weblog to the current version of WordPress tonight.  Please let me know if you run into any problems with the sites.

WordPress v2.0 Comments Bug

I upgraded my weblogs to WordPress v2.0 a couple of weeks ago and just noticed that the link at the bottom of each post read “No comments”, even if there were comments. Here’s the fix for that. I’m running the wonderful Spam Karma plugin. It has been updated to v2.1 recently and there is a […]

WordPress v2.0 Login Fix

I upgraded this and two other weblogs to WordPress v2.0 the other day.  There was a minor issue with the login script that wouldn’t keep me logged into the administration panel.  The cookie didn’t seem to be “sticking”, so I had to log in just about every time I jumped to the panel. The WordPress […]

WordPress Admin Drop-Down Menu Plugin

Ozh has what looks like a great WordPress v2.0 plugin to make navigating the administration menus quicker.  It replaces the static menus with drop-down menus and works quite nicely.


I’ve updated the WordPress software and SpamKarma comment spam control software with which I run this site to the current version today. I’ve been tweaking the templates just a bit, too. I don’t believe you’ll notice any major differences, but please let me know if you find a problem.

WordPress Comment Spam

Here’s another “so Gary can remember where to find something” link. This time to Tom Raftery who is running WordPress v1.5 with no spam plugins and was spam-free for more than a week and a half. I’m currently using SpamKarma on my v1.5 weblogs and plan to go to it on the SkyBox weblog, once […]

WordPress – SpamKarma Tip

SpamKarma is a WordPress plugin for comment spam control. This article offers a hack to change SpamKarma so that it marks messages it filters out as spam, but leaves them in the database marked that way so you can change the marking if you want.

WordPress Support Sites

Mostly for my reference, here’s a decent list of WordPress support sites from the support forums at WordPress.

WordPress Upgrade Display Goofiness

I’m in the process of upgrading my weblogs to WordPress v1.5. When I upgraded the first one, the display on the WordPress control panel was very strange, with the weblog title overlapping a WordPress logo. It turns out that the WordPress logo was from the old version, the weblog title from the new version, and […]