Creation Science

Creation Teaching Tools from Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis has made their Tools for Teaching resource freely available for download.  Here’s the description of the resource: Tools for Teaching is a multi-volume series that gives you, the instructor, personal training by one of the world’s most renowned creation speakers. Ken Ham gives you detailed audio instruction on how to present the […]

More Creation Science Books to Read Online

It has been a long time since I’ve updated the list of creation science books that Answers in Genesis has posted for reading on their website.  Here is what I believe to be the complete list of their books available for reading online: Darwin’s Plantation: Evolution’s Racist Roots by Ken Ham and Charles Ware Evolution […]

Ken Ham’s State of the Nation Talk

Ken Ham, president CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, gave a speech last night from the Creation Museum on the state of the nation.  It was broadcast as a web seminar.  Traffic to view the talk was so heavy that many people, me included, either could not get connected at all or could not […]

New Books Available to Read Online from Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis continued posting the complete text of several creation science books online last year.  Since I last posted, three new books have been posted online and a fourth has been started.  Here’s the (I believe) complete list of their books available for reading online: The Lie: Evolution In Six Days: Why 50 Scientists […]

Donation Matching at Answers in Genesis

A few supporters are matching contributions to Answers in Genesis between now and Christmas Day, up to $100,000.  I’ve supported AiG in the past and plan to do so again this year.  I’ll just do so a bit earlier to get the matching gift.  If you’ve considered supporting that ministry, now would be a very […]

Online Resources at Answers in Genesis

I just learned of a page on the Answers in Genesis website that gathers links to all of the books they’ve posted online in one place, as well as links to several pamphlets I hadn’t seen on the site before.  Check out the Online Resources page there for all the links.

The New Answers Book Available to Read Online

Answers in Genesis just finished posting the complete text of The New Answers Book on their website. This continues their series of posting some of their best creation science titles online. Here is part of the introduction explaining the book. The NEW Answers Book covers such foundational questions as: What about the gap theory? Where […]

War of the Worldviews Available to Read Online

Continuing in their series of posting creation books online, Answers in Genesis put the last chapter of War of the Worldviews by Ken Ham and eight other people on their website earlier this week. Here’s an introduction to the book from the AIG website. What do aliens, dinosaurs and gay marriage have in common? They […]

The Lie: Evolution Available to Read Online

Answers in Genesis has just finished posting another creation book online, The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham. Here is the table of contents so you can get an idea of what is in the book. Foreword Introduction Chapter 1: Christianity Is Under Attack Chapter 2: Evolution Is Religion Chapter 3: Creation Is Religion Chapter 4: […]

Replenish the Earth

My Bible study this week includes the first chapters of Genesis.  Genesis 1:28, part of the creation story, includes God’s command to Adam and Even to “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth” [emphasis mine].  I hadn’t caught that in previous readings, but a commentary I’m also reading suggested that the earth was inhabited […]