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Bad Website Design at PC Magazine

I believe the people responsible for programming the PC Magazine website don’t test their work all that well.  Surely they cannot have chosen to do this deliberately.  I followed a link in an email from them to this page. I have Chrome running not full screen, but wide enough that most websites show up well.  From […]

Selecting a Webhost

Another part of the process of selecting a new webhost and moving my WordPress weblogs to it that I’d have loved more help with was the process of selecting the webhost.  My needs for a webhost aren’t huge.  I run three weblogs, all on WordPress, each with their own SQL database, all under one domain […]

Google Search Like a Pro

How-To Geek has an article today with eleven tips for finding what you want through searches on Google.  Most of them I knew, but a couple were new to me.  Maybe they will be to you, too.

Excel SUMIFs Formula Problems

I’m trying to set up an Excel spreadsheet with a data set that includes a number with a date/time then to sum the numbers between dates and times I specify.  As an example, this simple table lists home sale prices by the date on which the sale occurred.   In this example, the data table […]

Synchronizing e-Sword Across Multiple Computers

A change that was made in version 9 of e-Sword due to permission changes in some version of Windows opens up the ability to automatically synchronize e-Sword resources across multiple computers through Dropbox.  I’ve just created a sub-directory in my Dropbox folder for e-Sword and have moved all of my Bible (*.bblx), commentary (*.cmtx), dictionary […]

Displaying the Full UNC Path of a Sub-Directory in Windows 7

02-Feb-2011 Update: Scroll to the bottom of this message to see the answer I got. My work laptop was just upgraded and I’m now running Windows 7.  One of the things I do is paste links to sub-directories on our shared network drives.  I prefer sending links to a file stored on a shared drive […]

Good Deal On a UPS

Via DealNews, Staples has a great deal on the APC Back-UPS ES 550VA uninterruptible power supply – just $39.99 after a $10 coupon is applied at checkout.  It is a 330 watt battery backup and includes software to automatically and safely shut down the computer in the event that power is lost. Given that we’re […]

Working with Pivot Tables in Excel

How to Geek has a lengthy excellent article on working with pivot tables in Excel.  Pivot tables are an infrequently used tool but one that is well worth understanding every now and again with the right sort of data.

Real Time Google Search

I learned something today. Something about Google.  Steve Rubel taught it to me through a Twitter post of his.  He tweeted this last night: NFL Network is not on my cable deck here so here’s how I am watching the Cowboys Saints game When you click through to the shortened link, you get to […]

Netbook Computer Thoughts

I’m thinking about buying a netbook computer – mostly for when I travel.  Do you have any thoughts or recommendations? PCWorld reviewed the Toshiba NB205-310 highly.  It tested with a battery life of nine hours, which is pretty good.  Best Buy has a slightly newer version, the NB205-N325BL, that comes with Windows 7 Starter Edition.  […]