Tech Links

Computer Repair Flowcharts

BoingBoing linked today to a wonderful resource by Morris Rosenthal of trouble-shooting and repair flowcharts for several computer tasks.  Mr. Rosenthal has a book with seventeen of the charts and he excerpts several of them on his site.  Very useful.

Microsoft Excel Quick Access Toolbar Customizing

Ron de Bruin has a thorough and informative post today at the Microsoft Excel Team Blog about customizing the Quick Access Toolbar on Microsoft Excel 2007.  I’ve been using the ribbon interface pretty much exclusively for several months now and have twenty or thirty buttons on the QAT at every computer I use.  They’re the […]

Computer Repair Utility Kit

If you ever get called asking for help diagnosing a computer problem or, like me, act as tech support for your parents, Technibble has a kit that might be useful to you.  Version 2 of their Computer Repair Utility Kit includes several programs that can be run from a flash drive to scan for and […]

How Bad is the Recession?

I’ve been looking for reading on current economic conditions and have had some good suggestions from folks here and on other forums I read.  I’ll be posting a summary soon for reference.  One of the weblogs I’ve been reading is Marginal Revolution.  Alex Tabarrok pulled some employment data from the Federal Reserve and charted it […]

Removing Sticky Firefox Add-Ons

I have a couple of add-ons for Firefox that were incompatible with newer versions of the browser.  When Firefox updates and that happens, the add-on goes inactive, but I’ve not been able to delete them.  Firefox Facts has an article that explains several ways to remove troublesome add-ons that looks like it might be of […]

Copying Favorites Between Computers

I have Firefox installed on three computers in our house and I use the Foxmarks add-in to keep my Firefox bookmarks synchronized between each computer.  Foxmarks does a very nice job of this and it even has a new feature to synchronize stored passwords between computers. I’ve wanted a similar utility for Internet Explorer, but […]

Little, Bitty Nuclear Power Plants

You often hear the phrase “not in my back yard” when discussing bringing in industry, power generation, or other big businesses.  That phrase could take on a whole new meaning as a New Mexico-based company is developing small, sealed, self-contained nuclear power plants that are small enough to be delivered on a truck (to where […]

Extreme Geek-Out

The current issue of VistaNews links to PC World article with five PC upgrade tips not for the faint of heart.  I don’t typically run software that requires high-powered hardware, so I’ll likely not be trying these, but they’re fun to read about nonetheless. Any time, for example, you’re using sand paper to shave off […]


If you’re looking for places to download wallpaper for your computer desktop, look no further than today’s article on The Best Article Every Day.  It lists a bunch of great resources.

Where Has the Time Gone

I remember spending more than $200 for a 40 megabyte hard drive sometime around 1990.  Still, it is hard to imagine being able to buy a 1 terrabyte hard drive for just $240 today. Of course, I also remember buying and selling one megabyte sticks of RAM for about $30 each. Man, I’m getting old!  […]