Fun Stuff

2015 in Review by Dave Barry

Dave Barry, former column writer for the Miami Herald, noted author and owner of a very wry sense of humor, has written his annual year in review – cleverly enough for 2015 this year.  Go and read.  You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure.


If this works, you ought to see a game below.  Use your arrow keys to move tiles with the same number so they touch and merge together.  Keep doing this until you get to 2048. [2048]

Captain Picard Singing Let It Snow

James Covenant has a wonderful mashup of Captain Picard and senior members of his crew “singing” Let It Snow.  Very well done.

Death of a Comet

Comet ISON passed by the Sun on Thanksgiving Day last week and didn’t survive in any form that we’ll be able to see.  NASA has posted a video of the view from a satellite positioned on the other side of the sun showing the comet blasting into a solar flare and basically disintegrating. Very cool.

Best Free Games for the PC

Tech Support Alert has an extensive and recently updated list of the best free games for the PC.  If you’re into PC gaming, it is worth checking out.


Well done, Audi.  They’ve created an extended commercial for their A7 automobile on YouTube featuring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto, both of whom have played or are currently playing Spock on Star Trek.  It plays off of the character in a very funny way.

Okay, So Not Everything on Google is Useful

But it is fun!  Heh! Google now lets you search by Bacon number.  The Bacon number is the number of degrees of separation an actor has from Kevin Bacon.  It is the output of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which postulated that any actor is separated from Kevin Bacon by no more than six connections. […]


MakeUseOf has today a list of firsts on the Internet.  Including the first… website image posted to the Internet email message YouTube video Tweet Wikipedia article item sold on Amazon item sold on eBay An interesting walk in Internet history.  Go and read.

It Was a Miracle!

This was the headline of an email I received from online deal retailer Groupon today. Whoops!  I wonder how many people they expect would be able to take advantage of these deals and give them to such a man.  🙂

I’m Stuck in Dropquest

Online storage site extraordinaire Dropbox held their second annual Dropquest quiz today.  The first person to complete the twenty-four question quiz got something like 100GB of online storage space for life.  Everyone who completes the quiz gets an additional 1GB of space. All of the prizes except for the 1GB of additional space were awarded […]