GMail Invites

I’ve still got several invites left for Gmail, so leave a comment with your first and last names and a current email address in the comments (you only need to enter your email address in the field – I’ll pull it from the weblog program) and I’ll send one to you.

Update: Goodness. Gmail must be up to something as the number of account invitations I have to give out just jumped from 6 to 50. Come one, come all.

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Hi Gary,

If you have any invites left I sure would appreciate receiving one too.


Gary, I would love an invite for GMail if there are any left. Regards,

I agree with you

I’ll take 1 or two …

Paul, I tried to send a message to you, but the email address you enterred in the comment field was invalid (domain name not found). Please clarify if you wanted a Gmail invite, leave a valid email address, and I’ll send one.

Invites were sent to everyone else who has asked, so far.

I’d love to have a GMail account!

Thanks so much!

I’m new here, but I would really like a g-mail account, please!!??

If you have any left, I’ll accept an invite. :)

Gary… I’d enjoy being included re Gmail. Thanks in advance.

Hello Gary, I’d love to have a gmail account. Please send it to me. Thank you.

The Writing Life

Gary, thanks. I’d love a copy of Gmail.

I would love it. Thanks

I would love a g-mail account

I would love a g-mail account

I tried to send an invite to J Kovacs, but the email bounced back to me after too many tries showing the mail box was unavailable. Please leave a follow-up comment with another email address or let me know when the issue with that one has been fixed and I’ll resend.

Invites have been sent to everyone else through Francine.

I would love an invite to gmail! Thanks!


Please send me an invitation to GMail. Thanks for doing this – it is great!


want a gmail invite.plz send me to id

Can you tell me more about the new drug “Gmail” everyone is talking about and desperately looking for?

Thanks for the good deed, hope you still have some left.

Hi, i’d love a GMail, thanks

Morten Yde Nielsen

if you still have some left i would like one please!

Wow, I hope this works. I’ve been giving my email out to bogus invites. Thank you in advance.


i would love a gmail invite. if you have any left . plz consider giving it to me.

I’d love to have one, been getting a headache from the monitor for trying so long lol. Thanks

If anyone wants an invite email me at
I have 50 invites and a few friends have already asked for them so if you want one email me quick.

Invites have been sent to everyone through Dave Smith. Sorry for my tardiness. I upgraded my weblog software and there was a small bug that prevented email notification of comments from being sent, so I didn’t know the requests were here.

Got 50 invites to give out, if you need one email at and leave a valid email id. I wont probably check the blog again, so emai…


Would love to have a gmail account.


We have hundreds. Always open to giving them away. Just ask.

hi Gary i would love to have a Gmail account. cool cool

If you have any gmail invites left I would love to have one.
Thank you very much

Free Gmail account invites ( — we got over 9,000+.

I’m looking for a gmail invite.
Thank you.

Get and give free gmail accounts, without the catches:

Please can i have one

I just sent an invite to James.

May I have an invite as well please?

I just sent an invite to Sean.

Please if somebody has a gmail invite, could they pretty please send me one.

I just sent an invite to Debra.

can u give me one invite for gmail

I just sent an invite to Nikhil as well.

could you please send me a gmail invite if you have any left? Thanks in advance

I just sent an invite to J. Henley. I’ve still got 50 left, as GMail continues to replenish the supply as I use them.

Any gmail invites left?
Love to get 1. Thanx in advance

I sent an invite to Jay the other day, but forgot to note it here.

Hey Gary – would you mind removing the comment I left on February 4th – it comes up as the number one result in Google searches with my name, just trying to clean that up.

Thanks a mil.


hi gary,
can u give the 1 to me…. eagerly waiting 4 ur reply… will b lucky to hv one

Invite sent to Radhika.

hi, can u give me one invitation if u hv left with…thanx in advance

Invite sent to sweety.

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