Christian Nudist Camp

A nudist camp will be opening soon in Florida. In and of itself, that statement isn’t all that surprising, as I understand there are many such camps, particularly in warmer climates like Florida.

But wait! There’s more!

This one is different. Or at least it claims to be. This one is a Christian nudist camp.

No, I’m not kidding. Somebody named Bill Martin is close to opening a camp north of Tampa, Florida, named Natura. This newspaper article gives the details.

“As evidenced by Adam and Eve, we believe that when God’s children are in the right relationship to Him, they will be naked and unashamed,�? explains one of Natura’s brochures.

And therein lies the beginning of the doctrinal problems with this camp. Adam and Eve had a perfect relationship with God – but only before the fall when they sinned and were cast out of the Garden of Eden. After that, man was born with a sinful nature that we do not fully shed until we are with Christ in Heaven.

Romans 3:23 – KJV: For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

None of us can be in a “right relationship” with God while here on Earth. Our sinful nature won’t allow it. Even if a person is saved by believing in Jesus Christ, they don’t shed their sinful nature.

“We are going after a totally different group, a group that doesn’t want a sexual atmosphere,�? he said. “There is absolutely no relationship between nudity and sex.�?

There is another issue – and it is related to our sinful nature as well. I believe that you can’t help but have a sexual atmosphere where nudity is involved. And nudity leads to lust, which is sin.

Matthew 5:28 – KJV: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

The Natura Fellowship, as they call themselves, has a web site (albeit one on which all content was removed for some reason), two Yahoo Groups here and here, and a self-published book, Nakedness and the Bible by Paul Bowman.

I’ve not read the book and they’ve removed just about all content from their web site, so I can’t speak to the Scripture they use to defend their position. But it seems to me that there are some very fundamental truths they have to ignore to hold to that position.

The newspaper article quotes unamed fundamentalists who describe plans for the nudist camp as “graphic evidence of America’s moral collapse�?. I have to agree with them.

[October 16, 2008 Update: I’m closing this post to further comments.  I think enough has been learned about the site and what has happened to it since.  Thanks to everyone who took time to comment.  Gary P.]

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i am a christian, and in favor of being the way we were created!

That may well be, moondog, but that is your favor, not God’s. We were created naked and originally walked with God in the Garden of Eden naked, but that changed when Adam and Eve sinned and were expelled from the Garden. God’s plan was for a perfect world, that there would be no death, but people messed that up by sinning in the Garden. Now, seeing other people naked causes people to sin through lustful desires, so we are now called to modest dress.

Gary – you should be made aware of the actions of Bill Martin. He has not acted in a Christian manner. He has slandered the good people of Hudson Florida and many other people to promote his non-operating Natura Fellowship naturist resort. He does not have the proper permitting, road access, and seclusion from his non-nudist neighbors. He has written home owners in an existing Naturist Park telling them that they owe him thousands of dollars when he has no ownership of the park. He has sued many folks in this area because they did not pay him for work he did not do and lost in court. He has written to an adjacent property owner’s attorney trying to deny them access to their property and has not cooperated with that attorney to allow a legal access. He wrote that same attorney a letter indicating that the family owes him $22,000.00 for having denied him the use of his property for nudist activities because they are using the only road they can to access their property, when he has no seclusion anyway. He has no fencing or seclusion from any of his non-nudist neighbors, but still tried to hold an opening day without it, which they canceled because he only had three reservations. He slanders anyone whom gets in his way and attacks them. One Title Company owner in Bayonet Point Florida was in a meeting with this man, where he came over the table at her. When she was forced to meet with him again, she brought along a body guard. Good Christians do not act like this. Because of these tactics and truths that evidence can be provided for, we have believe he is an extortionist, a liar, and a hypocrite. Please be very wary of him. Thanks for reading this – it is very important that people know what this man is really about.

Thanks for posting that, moeriley. It sounds worse than I’d have imagined. I searched for this in the news, but didn’t see anything. If you have any links like that which might be helpful, please post them in another comment. Please also feel free to post any updates.

Thanks for heeding the warning about Bill Martin, Gary. A reporter from the Pasco Section of the St. Petersburg Times recently visited the Hudson sight for interviews with the folks of the Florida Naturist Park, Bill Martin’s neighbors, and the Natura Fellowship CEO. He saw for himself that the resort is going nowhere. Hopefully Bill Martin’s extortion attempts will be thwarted. It should be interesting reading if the reporter writes what we have told him. This is going to send Bill over the edge, we think. Please be very careful when dealing with this man.

It is a wee bit cold for a nudist camp here in Michigan, methinks. 🙂

So I suspect we’ll not see him ’round these parts anytime soon. Thanks nonetheless. I’ll watch for the article.

You are welcome. I think you are right to feel safe. Martin most likely will not affect you. Wish us all luck. Hopefully he is failing miserably and will be gone soon. His monies are running out and people in the Naturist and Christian Naturist realms are becoming aware of his shortfalls. This man is no Christian or he could not have done what he has done to the very good people of the Hudson Florida area. Thanks for your point of view on this subject and thanks for informing Christians about the false prophets like Bill Martin.

you say seeing people without clothes with cause you to lust. Would you be offended if you saw Isaiah naked or Ezekiel? Would you be horny if you saw Jesus naked? Do you think that is why Jesus came to earth to hang on the cross naked and make you horny?

I deeply love Y’shua and I know full well the difference between lust and nakedness. I know the difference between nakedness and sin. Realization of nakedness was the result of sin but not a sin in itself.
To the pure all things are pure…
I also know that Elohim made coats for adam and eve. I know what a coat is. A coat is a skirt. It doesn’t say He made overalls for them. You people must have sin in your lives to go running around and picking on people for petty stuff you have no business condemning them for…that is unless you want to be like the accuser of the Brethren. I have two final words for you, friend: David danced!

Judge not lest ye be judged. Be sure you don’t show up to the wedding feast in heaven wearing a parka and snow-pants but no wedding clothes. Jesus is talking about being clothed in righteousness so Target, JC Penney, Sears, Levi Strauss are all insufficient! We have to purify our hearts and be cleansed. You had better learn to get used to the appearance of the human body quickly because you certainly would be, in my belief, seeing such in the Kingdom of Heaven. But don’t take only my word for it…God knows I could be wrong. However, I think Jesus will be our clothes.

Thanks for the comments, happy brave. I believe you are wrong in your views, from a Biblical perspective. Adam and Eve walked naked in the Garden of Eden, but only until they sinned. After they sinned, God killed an innocent animal to make clothing for them.

Genesis 3:21 KJV – Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

Before then, Adam and Eve were not ashamed of their nakedness, because they had no sin and had no reason to be ashamed. Once they sinned, however, things changed. God gave Adam and Eve clothing. In the same vein, He expects us to wear clothing as well.

1 Timothy 2:9a KJV – In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel

Titus 2:4-5 KJV – That they (older women) may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, [To be] discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Bibically, we are commanded to dress, and dress modestly.

If you believe otherwise, please let me know why.

1 Timothy 2:9a KJV – In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel

Why was that directed only to women? In the USA proper modesty seems to be dressed in all but three situations. 1) married with spouse 2) at the doctors office and 3) in a gender separated environment.

If that is correct then why when Jesus was baptized naked (look it up in the Bible history books) God spoke this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased? If the USA modesty view was correct he should have said boy put your clothes on people can see you.

Why when Jesus was found in the garden after his reserection were his clothes still folded in the grave?

Why was God publicly crucisfied naked? And that recorded for all time and all mankind to read?

And why does the USA modesty standard not apply to Europe, Australia, Canada and the rest of the non-muslim world. Does God not love them? Is God ashamed of the image he created of himself?

An elbow does not get mentioned as a lust object. Only those parts which are hidden. Thus, if they were not hidden would they be objects of lust? In the tribes of africa a womans breast is not a lust object. Why is it here?

To know God’s heart concerning modesty first you have to take your cultural biases off. Then be open to hear what God says to you. Then when God does speak to you, will you obey him? If you will not don’t ask him to speak to you about it.


PS The clothing sold in stores for women does more to incite lust than does open public nudity. If you do not know this to be true you have never been around it and do not have sufficient knowledge to judge the subjet.

Hello Gary ……….

I wish to further the comments of Moeriley. Bill Martin is trying to start up Belton, Anderson County, South Carolina now. The initial project is called Natura Christian Fellowship. The proposals seem to be blowing up in his face the same as happened in Pasco County, Florida. It appears that no one wants him around. The scheme is hatched by William R. [Bill] Martin of Venice, Florida. Things have gotton so bad that Mr. Martin is now using 6 or 7 different names on the internet. He will use one name and another name to post a pretend independent answer. Some of the names he routinely uses are William R. Martin, Bill Martin, Bill, Naturist America, World America, World Naturist America, Joe and Joe K. Long.

Martins so called Corporations are now in a Bankruptcy filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for middle Florida at Tampa, Florida. Five different entities are listed. Numerous so called Martin Company’s have already been wound up the State for non-compliance.

Before getting involed in any way I suggest doing a very very thorough due diligence in Pennsylvania at Waverly Heights, in Sarasota, Sarasota County, Florida at the Court House and in Hudson, Pasco County, Florida. And keep am eye on the developments at Belton, Anderson County, South Carolina.

He was saying that the Mayor of Belton, South Carolina and the City Administrator of Belton, SC are behaving like Nazi’s on Goolge Group socialfamilynudism. He has called the Mayor a liar there also. These are the people he needs to endear in order to get City water and sewer to his proposed Natura Christian Fellowship (of which is now just calling himself an advisor – ha!). I ask all how might consider this, would you want him as an advisor for your Christian group if you had one? Would you want him as an advisor to your Naturist group if you had one? RC

Gary, I did a little “statistical analysis” of Bill Martin’s website! The website is called The website forums are set up with sections by subject matter and topics within those subjects. It shows the numbers of views and the numbers of replies.

Examples to note:

Children and Naturism section
Kids and underwear topic: 9388 views
Top free little girls topic: 5691 views
The kids topic: 7094 views
When a child sees someone naked topic: 6701 views
Children and hugs topic: 3581 views
Youth of today topic: 3071 views
Funny thing happened at the beach topic: 4251 views

Tell everyone about yourself section
Hi. Lauren here – 12 yr old naturist topic: 7028 views

Pictures Section:
Pictures of children topic: 6570 views
Photos of children topic: 7160 views
Remove picture topic: 6000 views
Sticky: Factors in Inappropriate pictures of children topic: 6575 views
Bathing collection topic: 6889 views

Also to note: Most of the other topics in all sections receive less than 500 views. The ones over 1000 are usually about topics with the words porn, photos, and children, in them.

His donation section is in the Photo Album Section of the website! What does that say to people?

I guess the pedophiles look in his website (and his company Continuing Care, Inc. does own it) and do a search in the forums using the word “children” or “photos” and find what they want to read about. They used to post how many times a photo was “hit” and the photos of children were “hit” the most by a factor of ten. They no longer show how many hits a photo gets.

Bill Martin met with Representative Mark Foley a few years ago to convince him that naturist youth camps or nudist youth camps are safe. Ironic?

Bill Martin stated to a non-naturist neighbor that he wanted to start a nudist youth camp at his Natura house on Wynn Lane in Hudson Florida. This hasn’t happened due to opposition from people whom feel that this man is not on the up-and-up.

Good luck to the good people of Belton SC. They are already putting up opposition to his proposed venture there.

The Hudson Natura Fellowship property is for sale! Hopefully Bill Martin will pull out of Hudson Florida for good. Yeah! Hope a good person purchases this property.

Hello Gary ……….

Just today I saw a sign on Bill Martins Nudist Camp scheme here in Hudson, Florida. It is a “FOR SALE” sign. The realtor is Fruits Realty located in Hudson, Florida and Tarpon Springs, Florida.

The property has become quite run down. Natura-Fellowship/Natura paid $320,000 for the property and has it listed 1 1/2 years later at $695,00. In the meantime the project never opened and the schemes founder, Bill Martin did not pay his contracted help.

Do the words ‘due diligence’ mean anything to anyone ??

These worthless people in the naturist had myself as well as my family thrown out of this park for every reason they could think of but mostly because we would not go nude ( including my 2 children) after they got us out they made it impossiable to move my mobile home out. Then they took the actions of removing my trailor themselves and nobody will tell me where it is. This was in Dec 2006 at this point in time we are still homeless and unable to get back on our feet. These are wonderful christians… Ya Right…they are worthless as humans and I hope they get all they deserve in life while we suffer our great loss……..Heather formally of 12131 woodrow ln

We are finally making progress against Bill Martin!

The January 3, 2008 hearing is open to the public. It will be at 1:30
P.M. in the Federal Bankruptcy Courthouse in Tampa, Florida on the
ninth floor in Judge Mays Court room.

Heather is not truthful. She and her boyfriend, Johnny, moved their mobile into the Park in the middle of the night. She was employed as a stripper, nude dancer and I believe he was unemployed. The mobile was illegally located across two building lots, one owned by Bill Martin and one owned by Guy Grabowsky. They had no permission to squat there.

Pasco County Code enforcement worked for two years to legally have the trailer removed from the Park. Heather and Johnny finally removed their belongings, trashed what was left of the mobile and disappeard. No phone and no address. At the time they left there were warrants for their arrest, having nothing to do with the Park.

The resident of the Park spend days at their own expence cleaning up Heather and Johnnys unbelievable mess. Photo’s of the situation exist.

Heathers post really has nothing to do with reality, accountability, the Park or Christianity.

The matter of Billy Martin and his disgraced nudist scheme, ‘Natura’, is coming before the Courts for resolution tomorrow, January 3, 2008.

Numerous of Natura’s former Board of Directors, Ceo’s and initial followers have now come to reside in the Park with us having abandoned ‘Natura’ for cause.

Over $800,000 has been spent on the Bankruptcy lawyers alone. Everyone has paid their legal counsel except Billy Martin. I will post the results here after the hearing. Actual documents involving Billy Martin can be read at and the actual condition of the Park can be seen at www dot Fairwindlakes dot com [I edited the hyperlink out – visit the site if you wish, but I do not want to link to it – Gary P]

The residents of the Park are paying all the maintenance costs and providing all the labor to keep things running as the litigations rage on.

Where are you located. We would like to come there.
Thank you

The bankruptcy matter involving Bill Martin and 5 of his operating names has been resolved. Bill Martin will not be owning the 120 acre old Florida Naturist Park, will not be owning the 120 acres adjacent to the old Florida Naturist Park and his so called Naturist Fellowship property of 14 acres in the same neighorhood has been foreclosed on. So much for the “Natura” Christian Naturist Scheme. AANR still lists them but now as a non landed “club”. Several lawsuits remain active to assist in cleaning up the mess left by Martin and his Natura scheme.

Now that Martin is gone some great new people have been moving into the Park. See for yourselve’s at www dot Fairwindlakes dot com [I edited the hyperlink out – visit the site if you wish, but I do not wish to link to it – Gary P]

Thanks for the opportunity to communicate on this 5 1/2 year oddysey Gary.

Hi Etta … We are located in Hudson, Florida. You can communicate with us by E-mailing … … or open the web site listed above and go to the directions page to help you find us.

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