Daily Bible Study Changes

I received the following email today from Discipleship Journal.

Dear Gary,

We note that you have posted our Book-at-a-Time Bible Reading Plan on your website. This is a violation of copyright, and it must be removed immediately. You may, however, provide a link on your site to the page on our site where the Plans are sold. The web address is http://www.navpress.com/Magazines/DiscipleshipJournal/BibleReadingPlans.

Please respond with a confirmation that you are removing the Plan from your site. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Dolores Kimball
Rights and Permissions
Discipleship Journal and Pray!

I’ve been using one of the Bible reading plans that used to be available for download from the Discipleship Journal website. The plans that are there now are different than the one I’ve been using.

I replied back to her and told her that I’d remove the file over the weekend. After thinking that over a bit, I’ve removed the file tonight.  I’ll be changing the plan document linked from each daily reading and tweaking the text that prefaces each reading over the weekend. That will take a bit of time, though I’ve started the process already. I won’t be linking to their site, as it just doesn’t feel right to me to charge people for a Bible reading plan.

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I applaud your decision not to link to a website that profits from the distribution of Bible study materials. It is my opinion that God will deal harshly with those who seek to take advantage of our quest for a deeper understanding of God’s word.

May God Bless You,

Who sells Bible reading plans? I didn’t know anyone did.

Well, they certainly have the right to stand on their copyright. Praise God that the King James Bible itself is in the public domain.

Interestingly, the link she provides in her email leads to a page not found message.

I know this is a year old, but I think you have misunderstood something.

The Bible reading plans are still available for free from DJ (as a download).

What is available for purchase is a set of 25 copies of the plan.

I understand that, LDS. The folks at Discipleship Journal wanted to control distribution of their Bible plans. I had a local copy of an older plan that they weren’t using any more and they asked me to delete it from my site.

No worries, though. I think the site is completely free of references to the old plan there. Other than this post and its comments, that is.

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