Free Remote Control Software

From the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog comes an article pointing out that the folks who provide the Fog Creek Copilot application, which automates the process of providing remote assistance on someone’s PC, have made their service free on weekends. The service, which costs $5 per day or as little as four cents per minute, depending on the subscription plan you choose, is free during the weekends.

The cool thing about the service is you don’t need to have installed anything on either computer prior to needing to help someone out. You log into their site, send the person you’re helping a link, they log into the site, and you’re in control. Very sweet.

I can see using this site to help my dad. He’s not the most computer literate person in the world and he sometimes gets himself in trouble with his PC. Every time I visit him, I make sure to update his anti-virus and spyware scanning signatures, run Windows Update, and generally give the system a good dusting off. But he has problems from time to time and this will be a useful way to help him out.

Give the site a look-see and the service a trial.

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Hi Gary,
My name is Andrew and I work for Mikogo, a free online meeting tool. I wanted to quickly mention our software as I think it may be really helpful for you.
With Mikogo you can start a meeting, invite your friends and then you are able to do the following:
– share each others’ screens,
– change presenters,
– access remote control,
– pause transmission,
– select only certain applications for sharing, and
– transfer files.

Most importantly, Mikogo is completely free. No cost at all.

I’m sure Mikogo will be a useful program for you and your Dad. Feel free to browse our site, and try our program.


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