Sinning Against Your Own Body

My eldest daughter and I spend 30 minutes or so together several nights each week discussing her personal Bible study time.  We also talk about the things she is doing, with school work and her friends for example, but mostly we talk over what she’s been studying in the Bible.  She keeps notes and we get together to go over them.  She asks questions and I answer them.

Some nights, she asks questions that I cannot answer.  Tonight, she asked about 1 Corinthians 6:18, which reads as follows:

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.

In particular, she asked what it means to sin against your own body.  I had to admit that I don’t understand the principle.  A quick check of the commentaries I use to help my own study didn’t turn up anything helpful.  I’ve not dug in deeper yet, but I need to.

I understand the principle of sinning against God and of sinning against someone else, but I’m not sure what is meant by sinning against your own body.

Any thoughts?

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Family is a blessing. Interesting post.

Okay, here’s my take.

When a person fornicates they are using their body for a purpose for which God did not design it. When one does that, harm can be caused to the body.

It’s like using a credit card to jimmy a door lock. I works, as I’ve done it a couple of times when I’ve locked myself out of my house, but it wasn’t good for the credit card which got a bit mangled.

When we use our body for sexual purpose outside of what God designed it (in the sanctified marriage) then we use it for what it wasn’t designed. There’s a spiritual harm that is dealt and the body and spirit are one, but there is also physical harm, particularly over time. Sexual sin is never satisfied but over time becomes more perverse and that can lead to physical problems.

Not to mention that disease is a huge problem. When one fornicates there is a high risk factor of contracting a disease.

In the act of having sex, there is a mingling of the blood of the man and woman. This forms what was know as in the Old Testament as a blood covenant. Blood covenants were serious things in those days. It meant all that I had is your and all that you have is mine. Usually you did this with someone of equal or near the same strength. Occasional you did not. Think of David and Jonathan. They had a covenant relationship. I Samuel tells us that Jonathan gave a sword, and other things to David, David gave him back nothing, what can you give the Kings kid.
Many times a king would have many covenants going, putting their trust in others and not in God. It also complicated things because one King may have to defend another King, because the covenant that a third had with both of them committed them all.

Back to fornication. And again, the blood covenant. You put your trust in the other person to give you happiness, joy, etc. and not in God. It is a choice that you make to turn away from God and to your own needs.

Also because of the blood mingling, whomever you have had sex with, you have had sex with all their partners. You are putting their life history in to you. Part of you will always be with that person as you join with them.

God says sex is to be one flesh. What is it like when you tear your flesh off your own body. Painful

My $.02 worth on it anyway. Sorry if it rambles.


The only sin here is that you are teaching your daughter to be completely out of touch with her body and emotions. It is a sin to not love your own body and to not know it intimately. You only serve to continue a legacy of self hatred, sexual dysfunction and to ensnare her in the trap of feeling bad and a disappointment about normal and appropriate avenues of healthy personal development.

Other replies included justifications based on what to amount to stone-age perceptions of science. I stand here as a testament that the sexual ‘sin’ which was described as unslakable, is certainly not as you would present it. By taking one’s own control of their choices and actions, they are in fact free to ‘sin’ or not ‘sin’ as you may see it, but are in no way moral deviants in the nature that has been specified. Perversion is in the eye of the beholder, and there is substantial evidence that quite the opposite from causing physical problems, that it may directly help avoid some malady.

Where does your definition of sin come from, Julia? Mine comes from the Bible, which teaches that sex outside of marriage is sinful.

The problem with thinking that “perversion is in the eye of the beholder” is that you are taking the place of God in defining what is sinful and what is not. In your way of thinking, there are no moral absolutes. One person’s choice for sex outside of marriage is God’s definition of adultery. One person’s choice for abortion is God’s definition of killing. That’s not the way life is supposed to be, though most people do, in fact, live as if it is that way.

What I’m teaching my daughter is to love God and to yield herself to Him.

Thanks for your comment, nonetheless.

I have struggled off and on with sexual sin for many years and only recently have I had a “real” reason to discontinue my bad habit. “1 Corinthians 6:18″… This says it all to me; I have read this in a few translations and it seem to be very clear and quite a mystery at the same time.

Since the day I believed in Jesus for my salvation; on those occasions when I do find myself in sin, I feel very apart from God and not only that, my whole life feels so off balanced.
I have noticed that when I do sin in such a manor, I find that I don’t click with friends, family, or co-works as well as I normally would, “it’s like there is this weirdness in the air”. I have also noticed that I get angry much easier and that my daily joy has been replaced by a “blah” kinda feel. I have even noticed a slight memory loss or clouded mind; I am usually searching for the right words to say in a conversation.

Since I have stayed away from sexual sin, I feel awesome! My relationships are great, there is no weirdness and my mind has peace and I don’t have sad or lonely feelings when I wake up in the morning.

All glory goes to God!

Now this is true for my life, but it might be a little different for someone else. These findings of mine are 100% factual and if I was not saved maybe I would not experience such things.

sinneth against his own body must mean that you just wrong yourself and hold back God. First it seperates you from God until you repent, second it lets your guard down so the accuser can point it out to God thus giving the devil the right to come against you, third it pulls your strength away and fourth, if you have sin in your life you are lukewarm when you need your miracles; and I believe your requests, prayers, or pleads are hindered by a brass ceiling.

As someone who struggles with this constantly, here are my two cents:

I think the verses immediately after that, 1 Cor 6:19-21, help to explain why: “…ye are not your own…For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”

To sin sexually against oneself is to basically snatch back what God paid so dearly for us through Jesus Christ. It’s to laugh in the face of that unfathomable, wonderful gift and say “You know what? You’re not enough to satisfy me, so I’ll satisfy myself.” In short, it’s about as selfish as one can get, both literally and figuratively.

I see what Julia is saying. We need to learn to love ourselves, know ourselves, and treat ourselves with grace because God showed us such grace. I believe a healthy sexuality is essential, not only for health reasons, but also because knowing better equips us to love. The danger is not in gaining a full knowledge of our bodies, but in using that knowledge to hijack God’s place in our lives. He knows us better than we know ourselves, but it’s so easy to forget that.

I think it’s also worth addressing WHY we sin sexually in the first place. Are we feeling lonely? Tired? Bored? Ashamed? Helpless? Nine times out of ten, these basically all come back to not feeling love for ourselves, and not feeling God’s love for us. So we mistreat this creation of His–us.

As I said, I struggle with this constantly, so prayers would be good. Thx-

As God is Holy We are also to be Holy.IPeter1:16

1st corinthian 6;16 and proverb 6 :32 you destroy your own soul,that is scary.Men,men men let us guard our souls the devil lurks to destroy us.What looks pleasurable now you will pay dearly.Explore soul ties and you will discover how sexual sin is wanting.Fear GOD the maker of the universe.Your body will rot but your soul will answer to HIM,why allow being driven by your burning desires,HIS BLOOD CAN,HE HAS WATER THAT WILL QUENCH OUR THIRST.OH NO imagine the samaritan woman JESUS saw five other men.You are married yes how many bodies are you carrying?

I just need to know is it a sin to donate your body when you die? I would love to help others like ( Hosptal ) with my body not to do sin!.

Thanks for your comment, Amelia. I do not believe that is sinful. I’m listed on my driver’s license as an organ donor as well. The Bible speaks of the dead being raised from the grave at the time of Christ’s return. Allowing your organs to be harvested at the time of your death would mean those organs aren’t buried with you, but I don’t believe that will be any impediment to Christ nor to His work as described in the Bible being accomplished.

ive slept with many people and i feel like i was lost like i did not really care at the time but reading scriptures on line and getting older i realize i have really been messed up. and i really truly wanna turn my life around and live a godly life. is it to late will that past i have had stay with me. is there a thing as too much sin.

It isn’t too late. God has graciously given us a path to spend eternity in heaven with him and that path is explained in the Bible. When you repent of your sin, confess them to God, and believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, God promises to forgive your sins and welcome you into His heaven. There is no quick prayer you can say – no “magic” words to earn God’s favor – so don’t be fooled by churches or people who practice that.

I suggest finding a faithful friend (faithful to God, that is – faithful to you will follow, I believe) local to you that you can spend time with and learn from. They can help you understand what this means.

Don’t wait, though. While it isn’t too late now, it will be some day. The Bible teaches that when a person dies, they go before God to account for their life, and the only way to be saved from the judgement we’ve earned with our sins is for Jesus to step in on our behalf. If you’ve not believed in Him before you die, it will be too late.

Please let me know if I can help.

I have recently turned away from sexual immorality and the stress and depression I have been carrying around for years has subsided and feel better and back to normal…..:)

I have great compassion when it come to this issue and have began a personal search for clarity on this issue.I’ve found it’s a lot deeper then modern culture would like us to believe. There is a healthy and Godly way to realize once sexuality.I believe this is one sin that directly defies you physically,spiritually,emotionally and mentally.It’s an act that God only intended for two people of the opposite sex, who’ve committed themselves to one another for life.So that sexuality, love, passion and desire can be safely explored.When one has immoral relations outside of this manner it opens them up to diseases,out of wedlock children,unnatural emotional connections and even an appetite for ungodly and unquenchable desires, that will only be resolved by fleeing these sins and allowing God to purge all unpure affects.I’ve found occupying my time and thoughts with healthy and Godly things has eased the struggle.

As a whole do not expose yourself to these vices and it won’t be such a problem just a curiosity.

I have been sinning against by body for quite a ling time. its stresses and demands.more then you give. you find yourself crying cusoor secretly deep sobbing in their bathroom. its not worth losing fellowship with jealous, it is hard and there is withdraw and sometimes its not as easily as being delivered in one day, because it does depend upon your total reason for doing it period. sometimes molestation or absentee of a parent, trauma as a child, Borden and low self- esteem all can play a crazy role.. there are soul ties and that will take fasting and praying and exposure to a strict lifestyle of submit to God so Satan can really flee. my prayers are with all who struggle, for a struggle too.

I have been sinning against by body for quite a long time. Its stresses and demands more then you want to give. You find yourself crying curled up in bed or secretly deep sobbing in their bathroom. Its not worth losing fellowship with Jesus, and definitely not worth it especially if you do it for love, such as to get love for offering your body. You’re sacrificing yourself. Which was the whole reason Christ came so, everything that can happen, that might happen, that will happen… Will be destroyed once we submit, it will lose its sting. It is hard and there is withdraw and sometimes its not as easily as being delivered in one day, also, if you’re with someone unless they are willing to change. You fins your self running from long embraces and any type of kissing, you become unhappy, they feel rejected, so , A BREAKUP is in order. Also, healing and deliverance does depend upon your total reason for doing it period. Sometimes molestation or absentee of a parent, trauma as a child, Borden and low self- esteem, social media overload. It’s best to fast first, because you need spiritual and mental clarity which will cause your body to fall into line. All can play a crazy role.. there are soul ties and these go out only by fasting and praying and exposure to a strict lifestyle of submitting to God so Satan can really flee. My prayers are with all who struggle, for I struggle too. Be healed, set free and delivered.

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