The God Journey

I came across a weekly podcast called The God Journey which describes itself like this:

The God Journey facilitates a growing conversation among those who are thinking outside the box of organized religion.

I’m listening to one of their podcasts while working through email after getting up here in China within 4 minutes of 5:00 am for the third day in a row.  Unaided.  And dog-tired.  It is weird.  I get waking up early, as I don’t generally sleep that well (or enough) when I travel in China, but 5:00 am plus or minus 0:04 three days in a row is just weird.

But I digress…

There are an interesting series of discussions between the two hosts on having a true relationship with Jesus Christ and with other people who are trying to do the same.  The publish one podcast each week.  Go and listen.

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My name is Anders Branderud
Here is the journey of mine — I hope it will be interesting to read..

I was born in the year of 1984 in Vårberg in Stockholm [Sweden]. Seven months later my family moved to Täby, north of Stockholm, and I have lived in Täby since then. I enjoy the surroundings where we live; there is a lot of nature. The nature I have enjoyed for a long time; lakes, forests, oceans, beautiful sunsets and the chirping of birds.
When I am out and talking a walk, for example along a lake, which I think is a fantastic experience; then I am often thankful to ha-Sheim – the Creator of this universe – that I have reached the point in my walk where I am today. When I am out walking in the nature it is hard to not believe that the fantastic view is the result of a Creator; that everything would be the result of a chance I consider as a very illogical alternative.

Eternity. What happens after death; that is something that I have thought much about during my life. I remember that I asked my father about that when I was about ten years old. For some time I believed that there were nothing that happened after death; but I didn’t want it to be in that way. I have had several nightmares, perhaps mainly when I was in the years around 10; for example nightmares about that I had died. Now I do know what happens after death. Those who do their best to practice the many mitzwot (commandments) in Torâh come to hâ-olâm ha-bâ when they die.

I am not perfect; when I break a mitzwâh of Torâh by mistake I can turn around and there is kipur for the mistake. ha-Sheim is perfect. Just as a parent has requirements of her children, does ha-Sheim have requirements of the humans He has created, and whom He loves. There are moral laws which are for all people. There is a book of instructions – Torâh; all people will be judged after if they have followed Torâh to there utmost of their ability or not. In Hebrew Torâh means instruction.
My time as a Christian was filled with much emotions. I had many strong emotional experiences. My faith in J*esus and my love to g*od grew stronger and stronger. I visited Church regularly, I prayed much and I studied the Christian “NT” much.

Some years later: My longing to live in Israel grew stronger and stronger, as did my love for the Jews; I prayed much for them. I read much about Israel and I studied Israeli newspapers on the internet. It was in a comment to an article in an Israeli newspaper that I in 05-2007 found the Nәtzârim website.

This website captured my attention directly! I sooned learned that Ribi YÓ™hoshua and lÓ™-havdil J*esus were two different persons. Ribi YÓ™hoshua is the historical person that was born 7 years before our time in Beit-Lëkhëm. He grew up in Nazareth. He taught in different Batei ha-KÓ™nësët and took care of the sick. Year C.E. 30 the Romans crucified him on a cross. It is documented that his talmidim were named NÓ™tzârim. They were accepted among the other Torâh-practicing Jews (corresponding to today’s Orthodox Jews) and prayed with them. C.E 135 NÓ™tzârim were expelled from YÓ™rushâlayim together with the other Jews. The same year is the year for the first Christian bishop. Christianity spread the concept of J*esus, which came to replace Torâh. The difference is diametrical to the historical Ribi YÓ™hoshua who loved Torâh and practiced Torâh to the utmost of his ability.

Ribi YÓ™hoshua, whom I thought I have followed since 2001 when I became a Christian, did practice that which is corresponding to today’s Orthodox Judaism. This realization does, of course, have consequences. I have since 05/2007 completely stopped the practice of Christianity and I do instead practice Orthodox Judaism. Just like Ribi YÓ™hoshua’s followers, the NÓ™tzârim, I regard NT (which Christians call their “New Testament”) as a document that contradicts Tana”kh; and therefore I regard it as a false document, which I don’t follow.

Just like Ribi YÓ™hoshua, I want to do my utmost to practice the mitzwot of Torâh. I am a human loved by ha-Sheim and just like all other humans I have my weaknesses. I know that it isn’t impossible to do the utmost of one’s ability to follow Torâh. ha-Sheim don’t require us to be perfect; He requires us to do our best to practice His Torâh.

Choose today who you want to serve (Yәhoshua )24.15): Torâh-practicing Ribi Yәhoshua or the concept J*esus, created by the Romans, which means that you practice a non-Torâh lifestyle.
Thanks for reading!

From Anders Branderud
More here:
Click at the link “Christians”

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