The Abbreviated Jesus

Michael Spencer has a great post on the watered-down version of Jesus that many people live with.

…it was as plain as daylight to me that when I hear a lot of people talk about Jesus, I feel like I am hearing…an abbreviation.

I said abbreviation. A shortened version of the real word. You see the abbreviation, you’re supposed to know what it means. We all agree on the abbreviation.

Don’t we?

We all know what the shorthand version stands for.


Or maybe we don’t.

I have to admit that I’m guilty of holding an abbreviated view of Jesus from time to time.  And by this, I mean above and beyond what I’m sure is an incredibly weak view of how Jesus really is, simple because we cannot comprehend or put into human terms how great Jesus really is.

I’ve limited my thinking of Jesus’ wonder and power and have lived as if He’s not as powerful as He truly is.  Have you?

Go and read, please.

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