Ken Ham’s State of the Nation Talk

Ken Ham, president CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, gave a speech last night from the Creation Museum on the state of the nation.  It was broadcast as a web seminar.  Traffic to view the talk was so heavy that many people, me included, either could not get connected at all or could not stay connected.

The presentation is available for online streaming now.  I’ve not watched the hour long talk yet, but I plan to.  Mr. Ham believes quite completely that Genesis is not only the foundation of the entire Bible, but that the events in Genesis are the foundation our world and how we should live in it.

Way back in 2005, I wrote about Genesis 1:1 being a verse that sets the tone for the entire bible.

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

Right out of the gate, we’re forced to make a decision.  Either we believe that God exists and that He created all that there is or we don’t.  And if you don’t believe that God exists – that He created, why would you ever believe that He sent Jesus Christ to atone for our sins.  Or, put another way, if you don’t believe the first part of the Bible is true, why would you believe the rest of it is true?

Genesis is the foundation of the Bible.  Its words are the foundation of our faith.  Mr. Ham believes that this foundation has long been eroding in America and that this erosion largely defines the state of our nation.  I believe he’s right.

I’ll have more thoughts on the talk once I listen to it.

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