Real Time Google Search

I learned something today.

Something about Google.  Steve Rubel taught it to me through a Twitter post of his.  He tweeted this last night:

NFL Network is not on my cable deck here so here’s how I am watching the Cowboys Saints game

When you click through to the shortened link, you get to a Google search for “cowboys”.  What is cool about it – and this is what I learned – is that it constantly updates in real-time with what is showing up in the Google search index for that term.  What I hadn’t seen before was that option.  Here’s how you get it to work.

1. Search for the term you’re looking for, “cowboys” on Google.  Here’s something along the lines of what you see.  (Click the picture for a larger version.)

In the upper left corner of the screen, there is a plus sign icon and a hyperlink for “show options”.  Click on it and a list of options opens up on the left side of the window, like this:

Click “updates” under the “All results” heading and most of the other options go away.  And the results screen starts updating anytime something that meets your search criteria is added to the Google search index.

Very cool.

And very useful.  I can imagine leaving a window open on my work PC with work-related search terms set up.  Nice feature.  Thanks, Steve!

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