Synchronizing e-Sword Across Multiple Computers

A change that was made in version 9 of e-Sword due to permission changes in some version of Windows opens up the ability to automatically synchronize e-Sword resources across multiple computers through Dropbox.  I’ve just created a sub-directory in my Dropbox folder for e-Sword and have moved all of my Bible (*.bblx), commentary (*.cmtx), dictionary (*.dctx), devotion (*.devx), and topic (*.topx) files to it, in addition to the journal.jnlx, bookmarks.lstx, study.notx, and markup.ovlx files.

They just finished uploading to Dropbox and are downloading on my netbook now.  Dropbox briefly showed 38 days left to download.  Heh!  Methinks it was extrapolating times just a wee bit too soon in the download process.

To change the resource directory in e-Sword, click Options – Resource, then the folder icon to the right of the Location field at the bottom of the window, shown below.

Restart e-Sword when prompted and you should be set.  Woo-hoo!  Another great use of Dropbox.

09-Jan-2013 Update: In response to a comment, I’ve explained how to configure e-Sword to look for personal study information in your Dropbox folder.  See the comment below or a new post I just wrote describing how to do this, here:

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What do you do when you use a laptop and do not have internet access?

I’m able to use e-Sword as intended and Dropbox updates whenever I next connect to the Internet. That would only get flaky if I happened to make changes on two computers between connecting.


Praise God for this! I just bookmarked this page. Next time I feel forced to boot to Windoze, you can bet I’ll be looking it up again and following your steps. I may just be forced, for this reason alone, to do it over the next few days. I’ve already created the DB folder and copied all the files from my C: drive to it.

When completed, will my personal study information be available on my iPad? I only purchased it a month ago and the HD E-Sword program was one of the first things I set up on it. I have not carried a printed Bible to church in probably over ten years, but until now, I was struggling to read the OliveTree program ever since before I even got my first “smart” phone. I first utilized OT on an HP Pocket PC (Windoze-based), followed by an HTC Touch Pro phone, then an HTC Evo, and finally on my iPhone 4S. Then, before installing OliveTree on my iPad, I fortunately discovered this site and read about the HD version of E-Sword. Hallelujah! I’ve already enjoyed it on the iPad for 2 or 3 weeks. By Lord’s Day next, perhaps I’ll even have my personal notes.

Just think: heaven will actually even be better than this!

< Earl

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Ha! didn’t make it completely there either.

Thanks for your comments, Earl. I don’t know how interaction with the iPad works, as I don’t [yet!] have one. Having said that, if you set up e-Sword to look for personal study information in your Dropbox folder, it should move from computer to computer.

You’ll first need to create new journal notes, markup, study notes, and topic notes files in your Dropbox folder. This will create blank files in those locations. You can then exit e-Sword and copy files from your My Documents/e-Sword folder to your Dropbox folder, overwriting the blank files you just created. When you next open e-Sword, your notes ought to be there.

On your other computers, and I’d presume on the iPad app as well, you need to tell e-Sword to open the new file. For markup, this is under Bible – Markup File – Open. For journal, study, and topic notes, you need to press CTRL and right click in the respective window and select Open.

I hope this helps.

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Interesting find, thanks for sharing. I will comment on something I found. Once you complete the changes you suggested, it seems reasonable that one could delete the .bblx, etc. files from C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword, but you cannot. When I tried, eSword presented several “must reconfigure” dialog boxes. I had to restore those files. Your tip does work for me using Google Drive.



I’ve been configuring the various computers I use esword on and I’ve run into a problem getting .lstx files. I’m unable to get the program to view them in the “cloud drive” I created. The other files are working fine, just not the lstx files. Thoughts??

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