Okay, So Not Everything on Google is Useful

But it is fun!  Heh!

Google now lets you search by Bacon number.  The Bacon number is the number of degrees of separation an actor has from Kevin Bacon.  It is the output of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which postulated that any actor is separated from Kevin Bacon by no more than six connections.  Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon appeared together in Apollo 13, so Tom’s Bacon number is 1.

Charlie Chaplin’s Bacon number is 2, as he appeared in A Countess from Hong Kong with Tippi Hendren and she appeared with Kevin Bacon in Jayne Mansfield’s Car.

Google now lets you search by Bacon number.  Just search for an actor’s name with the text bacon number in the search, like Charlie Chaplin Bacon number or James Earl Jones Bacon number.

Not necessarily useful, but pretty darn cool.

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