WordPress Backup to Dropbox Bug with WordPress 3.9

I’m posting this message in case others who have the problem are looking for a solution.

I updated the software I use to run this weblog to WordPress 3.9 the other day and immediately started having a problem where the dashboard on the left hand column would disappear. The bookmark I have saved for the weblog displays draft posts, if any. What I found was that anytime I’d navigate to any of the post features, the dashboard would go blank after a second or two. If I could manage to click another, non-post link quickly enough, the dashboard would remain displayed.

Investigation into this behavior led me to disable my WordPress plugins then reactivate them one at a time to see if the problem returned. With all of the plugins disabled, the dashboard did not go missing. With one plugin reactivated, the problem recurred.

It appears that the plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox v1.8.1 is not fully compatible with WordPress v3.9. I sent a message to the developer yesterday letting him know of this, but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll update this post when the problem is fixed.

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