Bad Website Design at PC Magazine

I believe the people responsible for programming the PC Magazine website don’t test their work all that well.  Surely they cannot have chosen to do this deliberately.  I followed a link in an email from them to this page.

I have Chrome running not full screen, but wide enough that most websites show up well.  From a text standpoint, the site does just fine.  From a site navigation standpoint, not so much.  The “share this article” bar on the left blocks out some of the text and cannot apparently be hidden.  The “all reviews” bar on the top blocks a little, too, but not so bad.  Click the image below for a full size version.

PCMag Windowed-Screen

If I maximize Chrome, the window spreads out and shows up just fine.  Same deal, click the window to see a full size version.

PCMag Full-Screen

The text flows from line to line without issue, but the extras on their page don’t do so well.  Bad form.

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