Horrible Website Programming at Sirius/XM

I am a Sirius/XM subscriber and just tried to find a piece of programming information on their website.  Specifically, I was looking for the site for the Bluegrass Junction channel on Sirius/XM.  I knew the Sirius/XM homepage was at http://www.siriusxm.com and knew that they had channel lineups available on the site.  I figured I could easily click through to one of them, find the channel and get to the Bluegrass Junction website.

Hoo boy, was I wrong!

The website programming at siriusxm.com is right up there with the absolute worst I’ve seen.  I’ve found three reason why the programming there is horrible.   All stemmed from trying to do this one simple task.  I’m posting details here in hopes of pointing the Sirius/XM team to them.  You’ll see why in the third issue described below.

By the way, I have since found the information I was looking for.  Ironically, the programming information on the siriusxm.com website was wrong and didn’t reflect programming unique to tomorrow.

Here’s issue number one.  Whenever I try to pull up a channel lineup on siriusxm.com, the website prevents me from getting that information by asking about my car.  If I click on What’s On – Program Schedules or What’s On – Channel Lineup by Package, a list briefly comes up that looks like it will have the information I need, but that list is quickly covered up by a popup that looks like this.  Click to see a bigger version.

There is no way I can see to get past that screen without entering information about my car.  Clicking on the “I don’t see my car listed” option takes me to a page that gives me three equally useless options:

  1. Go back and try again
  2. Go back to the siriusxm.com home page
  3. Look at radios to buy

I’ve since discovered that I can click the “I only listen online” option to get the information, but that page requires me to lie to do so.  It gives me two choices:

  1. Select the type of home/portable radio I have (I don’t have one)
  2. Select that I listed exclusively online (I also listen in my truck)

The second issue I found was with their customer feedback form, here.  To submit a question, or feedback in my case, you have to select a category from a dropdown menu.  There is no category entry for general feedback, for website feedback or for “other”.  Here’s what the top part of that dropdown list looks like.

The third issue was the topper for me.  The icing on the cake, if you will.  After filling out the feedback/question form and clicking the submit button, the form popped up some already answered questions it thought were relevant and might answer the question I was asking.  Of course, none did, but that’s not the issue.  Once you look through those and click to submit your question anyway, it doesn’t submit.  There is a little spinner graphic that comes on but it never goes away.  It’s been spinning now for a good fifteen minutes.  Here’s what that looks like, minus the spinning.

This actually was kind of amusing, in a sad sort of way.  I figure maybe Sirius/XM isn’t all that interested in getting feedback.

I’ll try to get the feedback to them through their Twitter account.  I don’t have high hopes.

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Totally agree. Their website is one of the absolute worst. Anything related to your account is a nightmare, and the pre-emptive popup you describe in #1 above is SOOOO annoying!

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