So Many Things Wrong with This Picture

The Associated Press ran a story yesterday about a mega-church suffering after its pastor is taking a sabbatical from preaching  andis  getting a divorce.  The article inadvertently, I believe, highlights many problems with this church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  I say inadvertently, as there is not a single mention of the Bible in all […]

Changing the Meaning of the Bible

I visited a church this morning in which the pastor preached from John 8:1-12.  This is the story of the woman who had been caught in the act of adultery that the Pharisees and scribes brought to Jesus.  Jesus said “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her” […]

Harmony of the Gospels

I’ve completed the first draft of the Harmony of the Gospels project I mentioned back in December.  The file is a fully linked PDF file in which you can search and select to copy and paste elsewhere.  It is fully linked in that the index entries (which were well written by A. T. Robertson so […]

The Gift of Healing Has Passed Away

I learned something interesting the other day from a daily email I receive from brother David Cloud at Way of Life ministries.  The gift of healing was a gift for Christ’s apostles and their ability to heal in the name of Jesus Christ was very different from what the church leaders could (and can) do. […]

Harmony of the Gospels?

I’m looking for an online or (preferably) downloadable harmony of the gospels, in which the text of the four gospel books is arranged topically so you can easily compare what is written about a topic in each of the four gospels without flipping between chapters.  Typically, the book is displayed in four columns, one for […]

Berean Bible Software

Lynn Allan sent me an email the other day introducing me to his Berean Bible electronic Bible.   I’m not familiar with the software, but the features he mentioned look worthy of exploration.   They include: Support for several Bible translations Verse lookup Word search (called “super concordance” on the site) Fast to load and […]

Not Quite the Entire Bible

When I was searching for a New Testament Bible reading plan to use for my reading, I searched online and found this plan at the Girard Bible Church in Girard, Kansas. It looked reasonable – meaning mostly that it walked you straight through the New Testament (no jumping around) in 30 days. Pretty simple. So […]

Best Advice Ever

David Heddle hits the nail on the head in pointing out the best advice ever given.  Go and read, please.