Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

Thought on that topic by Bodie Hodge from Answers in Genesis. To clarify some points though, neither we nor other Christians “worship” a pagan holiday or any holiday. We worship God on the day that is set aside as Christmas. We take time to remember (not worship) the birth of Christ on that day. This is important […]

Scripture About the Birth of Jesus

As you might imagine, there is a lot of scripture about the birth of Jesus Christ.  This scripture can be split into five sections. Prophecy about the coming birth of Jesus. Mary is told about the coming birth of Jesus. Joseph is told about the coming birth of Jesus and what he should do about it. […]

Best and Worst Christmas Songs

The Orlando Sentinel has a list of the best and worst Christmas songs.  Personally, I’d have added Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing Little Drummer Boy and Peace on Earth as one of the best. But the top of my list of the best Christmas songs is reserved for Peter Kater’s version of Do You […]

Santa Has Been Perverted

Some guy named Art Conrad in Washington state thinks that Christmas has been commercialized too much. I can’t say as I disagree with him. But his way of demonstrating that leaves me scratching my head. He’s crucified Santa Claus. Art Conrad has an issue with the commercialism of Christmas, but instead of just shunning the […]

Free Christmas Music from Magnatune

Magnatune founder John Buckman announced on his weblog today that Magnatune is giving away a compilation CD of Christmas music from Magnatune artists. For the next two weeks or so we’ll be giving away free downloads of our brand new Magnatune Christmas Compilation featuring over 60 minutes of seasonal favorites as played by ten different […]