Excel SUMIFs Formula Problems

I’m trying to set up an Excel spreadsheet with a data set that includes a number with a date/time then to sum the numbers between dates and times I specify.  As an example, this simple table lists home sale prices by the date on which the sale occurred.   In this example, the data table […]

Working with Pivot Tables in Excel

How to Geek has a lengthy excellent article on working with pivot tables in Excel.  Pivot tables are an infrequently used tool but one that is well worth understanding every now and again with the right sort of data.

Microsoft Excel Quick Access Toolbar Customizing

Ron de Bruin has a thorough and informative post today at the Microsoft Excel Team Blog about customizing the Quick Access Toolbar on Microsoft Excel 2007.  I’ve been using the ribbon interface pretty much exclusively for several months now and have twenty or thirty buttons on the QAT at every computer I use.  They’re the […]