Okay, So Not Everything on Google is Useful

But it is fun!  Heh! Google now lets you search by Bacon number.  The Bacon number is the number of degrees of separation an actor has from Kevin Bacon.  It is the output of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, which postulated that any actor is separated from Kevin Bacon by no more than six connections. […]

Google Search Like a Pro

How-To Geek has an article today with eleven tips for finding what you want through searches on Google.  Most of them I knew, but a couple were new to me.  Maybe they will be to you, too.

Real Time Google Search

I learned something today. Something about Google.  Steve Rubel taught it to me through a Twitter post of his.  He tweeted this last night: NFL Network is not on my cable deck here so here’s how I am watching the Cowboys Saints game http://j.mp/4J92vS When you click through to the shortened link, you get to […]

Popular Mechanics Online

Google Book Search now has 106 years worth of Popular Mechanics magazine issues available to read online.  Very cool.

Updating Gmail Notifier

I use Google’s Gmail service for my personal email.  About a week ago, they added a preference option to force a secure HTTPS connection every time you connect to Gmail.  This is great should you use your laptop on open wifi networks.  But it broke the Gmail Notifier utility that lets you force mailto links […]