How to Cut Your Internet Connection to a Crawl

Our Internet service at home has been absolutely HORRIBLE for the last ten days or so.  I went through several calls to our ISP, a new cable modem, two technicians in the home, the first technician dissing what the support people on the phone had told me for being wildly and uselessly incorrect, a tier […]

Copying Favorites Between Computers

I have Firefox installed on three computers in our house and I use the Foxmarks add-in to keep my Firefox bookmarks synchronized between each computer.  Foxmarks does a very nice job of this and it even has a new feature to synchronize stored passwords between computers. I’ve wanted a similar utility for Internet Explorer, but […]

Keep Your PC Up To Date

I’ve been using a free online service called the Secunia Software Inspector to scan my PC systems and let me know of any old versions of software that I have still installed.  This is a tremendously useful service, as old versions of Java and Flash seem to want to hang around on my systems. You […]