What’s Wrong with the Lutheran Church

I visited my mother in Iowa Saturday and yesterday and went to church with her yesterday morning.  She is a long-time member of a large Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregation.  My sister, brother and I were all raised in that church. Since leaving the Lutheran Church when I was saved years ago, I’ve […]

Scripture About the Birth of Jesus

As you might imagine, there is a lot of scripture about the birth of Jesus Christ.  This scripture can be split into five sections. Prophecy about the coming birth of Jesus. Mary is told about the coming birth of Jesus. Joseph is told about the coming birth of Jesus and what he should do about it. […]

So Many Things Wrong with This Picture

The Associated Press ran a story yesterday about a mega-church suffering after its pastor is taking a sabbatical from preaching  andis  getting a divorce.  The article inadvertently, I believe, highlights many problems with this church, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.  I say inadvertently, as there is not a single mention of the Bible in all […]

If You Don’t Believe, Are You Really a Christian?

The latest Barna Group survey results came to my email inbox this morning with this headline: Most American Christians Do Not Believe that Satan or the Holy Spirit Exist Details are at the link.  If you don’t believe that Satan is a living being (40% of respondents who had described themselves as Christian), that the […]

The Abbreviated Jesus

Michael Spencer has a great post on the watered-down version of Jesus that many people live with. …it was as plain as daylight to me that when I hear a lot of people talk about Jesus, I feel like I am hearing…an abbreviation. I said abbreviation. A shortened version of the real word. You see […]

Best Advice Ever

David Heddle hits the nail on the head in pointing out the best advice ever given.  Go and read, please.