How to Cut Your Internet Connection to a Crawl

Our Internet service at home has been absolutely HORRIBLE for the last ten days or so.  I went through several calls to our ISP, a new cable modem, two technicians in the home, the first technician dissing what the support people on the phone had told me for being wildly and uselessly incorrect, a tier […]

Excel SUMIFs Formula Problems

I’m trying to set up an Excel spreadsheet with a data set that includes a number with a date/time then to sum the numbers between dates and times I specify.  As an example, this simple table lists home sale prices by the date on which the sale occurred.   In this example, the data table […]

Car Buying

Our 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan, with its 154K miles, finally reached the point of getting to expensive to maintain.  The latest repair need looked to be more than $1,000 to fix, so we decided to replace it.  I’d been very pleased with its reliability.  We bought a new Chrysler Town and Country (basically the Dodge […]