Music Goodness

I’ve wanted a Bose Acoustic Wave music system for several years now, but have never felt I could justify spending around $1,000 for a stereo – albeit a really, really good one.  I’ll wander into their outlet stores where I find one, but they never seem to have the system on sale.  A few years […]

Best and Worst Christmas Songs

The Orlando Sentinel has a list of the best and worst Christmas songs.  Personally, I’d have added Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing Little Drummer Boy and Peace on Earth as one of the best. But the top of my list of the best Christmas songs is reserved for Peter Kater’s version of Do You […]

SpiralFrog – Getting Better, Getting Worse

I first wrote about the music download site SpiralFrog about a year ago.  SpiralFrog is a site where you can download music for free, but it comes with DRM.  That’s not really a problem with their site, however, as maintaining the DRM isn’t very difficult at all.  You just needed to visit the site at […]

The Vinyl Preservation Project

Several months back, I had came across a link to The Vinyl Preservation Project and had saved it to post here, but never did.  The Vinyl Preservation Project has more than 800 albums – recordings from the actual vinyl LPs – online, categorized by music type.  They also have images of the album cover artwork.  […]

Windows XP – Music to My Ears

Someone nicknamed Robbi-985 arranged a composition using only sounds from Windows 98 and Windows XP. Geeky, but pretty cool. Give it a listen. Hat tip to the Windows Secrets newsletter.

That’s Just Creepy

I’ll apologize right up front for the music that will be swimming around in your head if you continue to read this post.  🙂 Do you remember the Carpenters?  Karen and Richard Carpenter, sister and brother, who sang together in the 1970’s and gave the world songs like We’ve Only Just Begun, Rainy Days and […]

Free Christmas Music from Magnatune

Magnatune founder John Buckman announced on his weblog today that Magnatune is giving away a compilation CD of Christmas music from Magnatune artists. For the next two weeks or so we’ll be giving away free downloads of our brand new Magnatune Christmas Compilation featuring over 60 minutes of seasonal favorites as played by ten different […]

More SpiralFrog Goodness

I continue to be amazed by SpiralFrog.  I’ve mentioned the site here before.  SpiralFrog is a music download site, but you “pay” for the rights to download music through viewing the advertising on the site.  And the ads are banner or in-page ads, not anything you have to sit through before getting to the site […]