What’s Wrong with the Lutheran Church

I visited my mother in Iowa Saturday and yesterday and went to church with her yesterday morning.  She is a long-time member of a large Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) congregation.  My sister, brother and I were all raised in that church. Since leaving the Lutheran Church when I was saved years ago, I’ve […]

“What Am I Doing?”

I’m sure you’ve seen the articles about Abby Johnson, the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic who resigned her position after witnessing ultrasonic video of an abortion in which the 13 week old baby tried to pull away from the probe the doctor was using to kill him/her.  Here’s what she told ABC News after […]

Sinning Against Your Own Body

My eldest daughter and I spend 30 minutes or so together several nights each week discussing her personal Bible study time.  We also talk about the things she is doing, with school work and her friends for example, but mostly we talk over what she’s been studying in the Bible.  She keeps notes and we […]