WordPress Backup to Dropbox Error Resolution

I discovered that I had some massive error_log files on my WordPress weblogs today.  One was 111 MB.  All were filled with lines like these: [05-Mar-2016 11:01:33 UTC] WordPress database error Column ‘offset’ cannot be null for query INSERT INTO `ckhome_wpb2d_processed_files` (`file`, `uploadid`, `offset`) VALUES (‘/home/countryk/public_html/wp/wp-admin/network/update.php’, NULL, NULL) made by do_action_ref_array, call_user_func_array, run_dropbox_backup, WPB2D_BackupController->execute, WPB2D_BackupController->backup_path, […]

Transferring WordPress to a New Webhost

I believe that the move of this website to a new webhost is pretty much complete.  I learned some things through the process and believe it might be useful to capture them here, both for my use in case I go through this again and for others who might find it through searching.  I’ll explain […]

WordPress Backup to Dropbox Bug with WordPress 3.9

I’m posting this message in case others who have the problem are looking for a solution. I updated the software I use to run this weblog to WordPress 3.9 the other day and immediately started having a problem where the dashboard on the left hand column would disappear. The bookmark I have saved for the […]

WordPress Cheat Sheets

Lots (23, to be exact) of useful looking cheat sheets for various WordPress functions at 1stwebdesigner.

Ping Servers

More so I don’t lose it than anything, WordPress for Dummies included a list of ping servers in a post today.  Useful to know for WordPress settings.

Software Update

I just updated the weblog software for the blogs here to the new version.  As always, please let me know if you run into any problems.  The update looks seamless at first glance.  Thanks, Gary

Weblog Update

I installed the new version of WordPress on this weblog last night, soon after its release.  I’ve not found any issues with it, either on the side y’all are reading or on the back end, where I write.  But please do let me know if you run into any problems.


I installed a new WordPress theme tonight (Digg 3 Columns by Small Potato) and, while testing it, found several extraneous characters embedded into text here.  Lots of these – Â – in particular.  I’ve been cleaning them up as I find them.  If you’re seeing posts come new again – particularly in the RSS feed […]

Weblog Update

I updated the software that I use to write this weblog today and had some self-inflicted trouble.  I figured out the error of my ways and (I think) got the weblog database cleaned up.  I also went in and deleted a few tables in the weblog database that tied back to an old system I […]

Website Upgrade

I updated my weblogs today to the current version of WordPress, v2.6.1.  The upgrade seems to have gone well, but, as always, if you find issues, please let me know. One thing that might be useful for others making the upgrade, after doing so, I could not log into WordPress.  It kept giving me a […]