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Comments Down

I discovered the other day that comments are down here.  Part of my SQL database is corrupted.  I’m not sure why or how that happened, though I’m blaming global warming.  🙂 Oddly enough, this happened once before.  I need to delete the table, recreate it, then restore from a backup.  I should be able to […]

Website Upgraded

I’ve updated the software I use to write this website, WordPress, to a significant new version. If you find any issues with the site, please let me know. Thanks, Gary

Weblog Work

I’ve been playing around with the updated version of WordPress and with widgets to work out how the site displays. They are pretty handy. Thanks to some timely help in the WordPress forums, I was able to bring back the small banner graphics I use for links on the right. Very handy. I’ve also changed […]

Weblog Software Update

I updated the software on all three weblogs here today. If you find an error, please let me know. There is an error with the sidebar not properly displaying. I’m aware of and am working on that.

Weblog Software Update

I just finished updating the software I use to write this weblog, WordPress, to the current version.  The update was a minor one for bug fixes, so you shouldn’t notice any problems.  If you do, please let me know, either by commenting to this post or by clicking the Email Gary link in the upper […]